Dragon Tiger Guide for AFBCash

Dragon Tiger Guide afbcash

Dragon Tiger Guide

The easiest card game to play in the Casino. Just make a bet for who can draw the highest card. Follow this dragon tiger guide.

  1. The dealer will only distribute 2 cards in the Dragon and Tiger section.
  2. Players can bet on either Dragon or Tiger or Series.
  3. Dragon or Tiger payments are 1: 1.
  4. For the tie result, betting on Dragon and Tiger will lose half of their capital.
  5. Any King card is the highest while an Ace card is the smallest.
  6. The payout for a tie result, if the player bets on it, is 1: 8.


Dragon tiger online game is a famous online casino in Asia game with a very fast game turn. For those of you who like to play games with fast turnaround and quickly reap the benefits of this dragon tiger game, the game is played with only 2 cards for the player and 1 card for a banker.

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